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Sally Temple Local Artist

For 35 years, I've wielded this invisible language, crafting sonic landscapes that stir emotions, spark imaginations, and bridge the gap between hearts.

My compositions dance across genres, from poignant orchestral swells in feature films to heart-pounding electronic pulses in video games. In crafting the score for ‘The 3rd Angel’, I faced the challenge of capturing the emotional quality of setting or story through music alone.


But music isn't just an art form; it's a portal to the human experience. In each note, I strive to unlock the beauty and fragility of our shared journey. So, let my melodies be your guide. Dive into the depths of ’The Politician’ and witness the raw power unleashed. Or, lose yourself in the ethereal whispers of ‘Sonorous Dream’.

The symphony of life awaits. Are you ready to listen?

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3rd Angel IncidentalBaxter
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Sonorous DreamBaxter
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Now Or NeverBaxter
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- One

The PoliticianBaxter
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