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  • We can create music in most styles, from Classical and Filmic to the music we all hear and love today.

  • We have a vast number of professional singers and session musicians at our disposal that perform at the highest level.

  • We aim to be as competitive as we can without compromising on sound quality or production.​

  • One of the most important aspects of composing title scores is to get involved with the project as early as possible, directors will continually want to change things around, we understand this so we try to be as flexible as possible.

  • Enthusiasm for a job is paramount for us, nothing beats the moment when a director or producer might say "That's brilliant" or "That's exactly what we were looking for".

  • We view sound design as the manipulation of many different sounds sculptured together to make a sound-scape or sound effect.​It's best use is in motion graphics which brings alive the visual elements of a particular scene,

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